The Draw Results between Mexico and Brazil Dashed Hopes for Big Points for Brazil Team

All Horror Matches in the 2014 World Cup heats up, especially the league, followed by the winning team. The Horror Match between Brazil and Mexico on Wednesday early this morning (18/6) make everyone disappointed. Both teams were only able to produce a draw game that's hardly surprising. The coach of the Brazilian national team Luiz Felipe Scolari said that a draw is not caused by Neymar who did not score a goal. He said that the presence of a goal is the realization corporation happens to all team members.

Party of Brazil said that Neymar was just an ordinary player who happens to be his name being skyrocketed. All members of the team could not put points on the winning and losing players. Neymar could actually get a win just by corporation of the team. So it is also the Brazilian team getting defeat.
A draw is disappointing indeed not is a top priority. Currently more teams from Brazil making preparations to face Cameroon who will compete on June 24. This Horror Match is the culmination of which will ensure whether Brazil can move on to the next game or fail in a short time.