Utah WHC2008 Frequently Asked Questions

Contents Of FAQ

Can I smoke in Utah?
As in most states, Utah's Indoor Clean Air Act prohibits smoking in areas where the general public has regular access. Smoking may be allowed in such places as private clubs, taverns, private functions and places where the general public is excluded. Most Utah Lodging facilities have smoking rooms available and the Salt Lake International Airport has designated smoking areas in the respective terminals. When in doubt about whether or not to light up, it is probably best to ask about the location's policy.
I hear Utah is a dry state. Can I get alcohol in Utah?
Yes. Although Utah does have strict laws on alcohol consumption, it is actually quite easy to get a drink in Utah. Within a few blocks of the Radisson Hotel there are numberous pubs, private clubs, restaurants and stores where you can get a drink. The Radisson itself has a private club where everyone staying in the hotel can get a drink.
Can I bring my own alcohol to WHC?
No. Except for two 2-liter bottles for private consumption. Otherwise, you must pay a fee to bring alcohol into Utah. However, there are many places within a short walk of the hotel where you can buy a drink. Including the State Liquor Store.
Will there be parties at WHC that serve alcohol?
Of course.
Can I throw a room party and serve alcohol?
Yes. As long as it complies with Utah law, you are welcome to throw a room party and serve alcohol. Our Party Maven can help you with this.
What is the legal drinking age in Utah?
21. Those serving alcohol in room parties MUST comply with this law.