Welcome to the Desert

Updated July 01 2009

Photo of Dennis Etchison

Author Guest of Honor Dennis Etchison

Dark Echo Interview with Dennis Etchison

Photo of John Jude Palencar

Artist Guest of Honor John Jude Palencar

Official John Jude Palencar Website

Photo of Simon R Green

Toastmaster Simon R. Green

Lisa DuMond interviews Simon R. Green

Photo of Michael R Collings

Academic Guest of Honor Michael R. Collings

Visit Starshine and Shadows, the Official Michael R. Collings Website for more information.

Photo of Jeff Strand

Special Guest Jeff Strand

Visit Seriously Whacked, the "more-or-less" Official Jeff Strand Website for more information.

Photo of Mort Castle

Special Guest Mort Castle

Claire White interviews Mort Castle

Logo for Biting Dog Press

Special Guest Dave Dinsmore -- Biting Dog Press

Visit Biting Dog Press for more information.

Portrait of Edgar Allen Poe

Ghost of Honor — Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe Museum


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