Horror Matches of the World Cup 2014

2014 World Cup Horror Match all the more surprising. Today's Horror Match between Russia and South Korea should accept a draw. In the end both can only get the value of 1 point.

At the beginning of the game Taeguk Warriors team managed to make the score is superior to the goals from Lee Keun-Ho. This ball off the keeper Igor Akinfeev from so successfully drove the ball into the goal.

Regarding the Fact in Horror Match of the World Cup 2014


But not long after Alexander Kerzhakov managed rescue the Russian position. And this score lasted until the end of the game.

When we look at this Horror Match then add a record for a draw in the 2014 World Cup. Horror Match be a draw this third time of all 16 games that have been held. With this result, the possibility of Russia will also never listed his name as the winner of the World Cup. Whereas previous games could get a Russian team wins twice and had to defeat four times.

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The Draw Results between Mexico and Brazil...


All Horror Matches in the 2014 World Cup heats up, especially the league, followed by the winning team. The Horror Match between Brazil and Mexico on Wednesday early this morning (18/6) make everyone disappointed.

Both teams were only able to produce a draw game that's hardly surprising. The coach of the Brazilian national team Luiz Felipe Scolari said that a draw is not caused by Neymar who did not score a goal. He said that the presence of a goal is the realization corporation happens to all team members.

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